Hi, I'm Marine Mary.

Marine Mary is your next prospect. See how marketing, sales, and technology help you land her as a customer for life.

Get to Know Her

In the past, blasting out a marketing message to 25-54-year olds who live in “X” region may have likely reached Marine Mary. But, in the new world, Mary operates within a very specific network where she interacts with content that is perfect for her.

Step 1 is to create a Buyer Persona based on your ideal customer. Let’s say Mary is that customer. You will learn about her in depth and how she prefers to receive content, what her challenges and goals are and what content to develop for her.

SIX’s marketing platform can build and track her journey from the point of contact to the close.

Follow Her Journey

It is essential to know where Mary is in her buyer’s journey. She will go through many stages before researching which company is best to serve her needs. Her current level of interest will determine exactly what type of content you need to deliver to her.

Am I Ready to Buy?

I’m looking for some recreation in my life. Should I buy a timeshare, RV or a boat?

Marine Mary’s “Buyer’s” Journey

Here are the stages that Mary will take on her road to becoming a customer.

Awareness Stage

I am looking to find something that my family will enjoy and will help create memories for life.

Consideration Stage

Eureka! Boating looks awesome! I want to buy one, but what kind and what are my options?

Decision Stage

After diligent research I know I want a performance pontoon. I’ve narrowed my choice to two dealers.

Create Smart Content

Once you have determined who Marine Mary is and what she needs it’s time to deliver her the perfect content at the perfect time.

It’s important to think about our own journey at this time. Have you ever gone to a website and they immediately ask for your company size, annual income and more? And what do you do? You probably leave immediately. They haven’t taken the time to learn anything about you yet want highly sensitive information.

With the right technology and strategy, this is completely eliminated for your prospects.

Who Will Win My Attention?

The dealership that knows what I need and delights me has a customer for life!

Marine Mary’s Awareness Stage


  • Blog Post

    Entice Marine Mary with articles on “The Benefits of Owning a Boat” or “The Beginners Guide to Happiness- Boating.” This creates a first point of contact.

  • Light Content Offer

    While she is reading this content, give her an easy win offer like a free eBook on the joy of boating.

Marine Mary’s Consideration Stage


  • Blog Post

    Marine Mary is moving through your content, it’s time to serve her with a little more detailed info on her current query. Maybe a video interview of a pontoon owner?

  • Medium Content Offer

    Marine Mary is taking step after step to becoming a boater, it’s time to give her access to a boat builder and ask her what budget would work best for her. This begins to qualify her.

Marine Mary’s Decision Stage


  • Blog Post

    Marine Mary wants a boat, she thinks a pontoon. It’s time to give her a article on “The Pros and Cons of Tri-toons.” She’s delighted you have helped her every step of the way.

  • Sales Content Offer

    Marine Mary is ready to buy but still needs to choose a dealer. Customer referrals and a detailed guide on comparison from your dealership to other options helps her clearly see you are the dealership for her.