Qualified Boat Leads, Finally!

What Is MCCF?

The Marine Customer Cultivation FarmĀ  (MCCF) is a proprietary lead system that will cultivate organic web traffic into hyper-qualified leads.

Focusing on the marine industry, the MCCF algorithm begins by looking into all areas of this market that are relevant to your customers. By doing this research, we gain a greater scope of what consumers in this market value and what is most commonly searched on the internet. The MCCF algorithm is customer-centric and aims to ensure that your products or services are presented to the right people at the right time.

What makes us truly different is our follow-up system for these leads and how we cultivate visitors into qualified traffic before ever reaching you.

How Does The Algorithm Work?

  • Creates a "farm" of key consumers

    The algorithm is programmed to harvest only the best consumers who are qualified leads. The goal is to increase your consumer base and revenue as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Makes the right connections

    MCCF is a proactive way to find and connect the most interested people who are going through the marine buying journey to you. We help nurture them through their marine buying journey and lead them to you. By genuinely nurturing and educating consumers we build a trustworthy relationship with them.

  • Provides customer lifetime value

    By taking a more quality over quantity approach which is more, we provide to you leads who are more pertinent to your long-term sales. We are targeting the consumers who never make it far enough to mentally commit to ownership. We are creating and continuing conversations that would not exist through normal marketing channels.

More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing techniques like cold-calling or non-targeted email campaigns allowed you to reach as many people as you want, however, there was no way to be certain that you were reaching the right people.

As opposed to traditional marketing, the MCCF process allows us to target consumers who are in the buyers journey within the boating market.

The MCCF algorithm is industry specific, made specifically for boat dealers and will target consumers relevant to you. This is called Inbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing is the new and improved way to reach your audience. It creates hyper targeted, hyper specific content that targets your customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

It will take uninterested buyers who start out as “stranger” and nurture them into a qualified leads and then customers through time, patience and continued engagement. In the end, this customer-centric approach gets you more qualified leads, creates a shorter sales cycle, creates a great customer experience, and closes more sales.