Technology Makes The Difference

It Is Made To Align Sales & Marketing

Technology That Increases Success

When you align amazing technology with our sales and marketing offers, you are practically guaranteed success. Infusing the right technology will only expedite your sales process.

Proven Solutions That Work

 An All-in-One Software Platform for Your Entire Team
 Word Class Tools That Deliver
 Marketing Automation
 Conversion Path Tracking
 Real-Time Data Metrics
 Lead Scoring & Management
 CRM Integration

What SIX Does

 Get Your Content in Front of the Right People
 Drive More Traffic to Key Landing Pages
 Convert More Visitors Into Qualified Leads
 Turn Leads Into Customers With Less Effort
 Track Customers and Report Your Impact on the Bottom Line

Our All-in-One Marketing Platform

Technology brings sales and marketing together so you can measure and test each advertising campaign. If you use the right software platform/s then you will:

 Attract More Visitors
 Convert More Leads
 Close More Deals

and create a customer experience that is unmatched in your industry.

SIX offers dozens of tools under one roof. Now marketing can develop campaigns, track user behavior and serve your potential customers exactly what they are looking for exactly when they want it. This is the inbound methodology and your best marketing option.

When you combine marketing technology with sales tools (CRM), it gives your sales team additional context to better help them close the deal. Your team can see real-time data on how your potential customers are interacting with your business.

SIX has software that can maximize your impact. It’s called HubSpot.

The Tools That Will Change Your Business

Each of these tools are connected within one platform and will help track your customer’s behavior and
give your sales team valuable data to help close the sale.

  • Website

    Your most valuable tool in marketing is your website. SIX can build a website that converts your users into customers.

  • Blogging

    We will create amazing content that will entice your persona to learn and engage with your brand.

  • SEO

    SIX will research and determine keywords that are essential to helping users find your blog posts, and landing pages & more.

  • Landing Pages

    Landing pages are the online door to your business. They deliver offers that help your customers convert & accelerate the sales process.

  • Lead Management

    Your sales team will be able to see every interaction your potential customer makes on your content to help close more deals.

  • Email

    Email marketing has a 4300% ROI. SIX can deliver emails that motivate users to engage.

  • Analytics

    Learn valuable insights about your sales funnel. We will assess which marketing and sales content offers work best.

  • CRM Integration

    Our platforms can integrate with most major CRMs like Salesforce. If you don’t have a CRM, we have one for you for FREE.

  • Social Media

    We can learn what your potential customers and fans are saying about you, your competitors and the industry. We believe content is fire and social media is gasoline.

  • Calls-to-Action

    A good CTA excites your lead to further themselves down the funnel.

  • Ads Implementation

    If you are advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Adwords, this tool enables us to track and connect each action.

  • A/B Testing

    Modern marketing needs to be frequently tested. This tool will allow us to position content more efficiently.

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