Sales Training & Development

We Have Certified Sales Coaches.

SIX has partnered with a consulting firm for sales training and development. Today’s business is sales-driven and today’s salesperson is a key link to success in business. Sales and sales management coaching and training, and business development are areas you should consider improving in your organization…before your competition does!

As today’s decision-makers and buyers have become better educated, more informed, and more aware of available options to solve their problems, challenges have been created for every selling organization. While it was never simple to sell, it is certainly more complicated now. When sales training is combined with marketing, amazing results happen. Your team will get an edge no one else can offer. Your company will generate more qualified leads. And turn more of those leads into paying customers.

Immediate Results for Your Business

 Close More Sales
 Improve ROI
 Grow Revenue
 Gain New Customers

We Can Help Your Team

 Train Salespeople to Close
 Train Teams to Understand Marketing Triggers
  Learn Enhanced Skills Methods
 Build Sales Skills
 Provide Executive Training
 Learn an Expedited Sales Process
 Business Development

Close More Sales

The easiest way to get better results is to learn something new and then apply it. It is critical for your sales team to constantly hone and develop their sales skills. When new skills are combined with the attitudes conducive to being a seller at a high level, sales will increase. Period.


Improve ROI

Experience has shown that marketing metrics can’t improve without a corresponding increase in revenue. Don’t waste your marketing dollars by not giving your sales team all the tools they need to be able to perform at a high level and close deals.

The return on your marketing investment will only increase if the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of your sales team improve. Identify and plug the holes in your sales funnel today. You will be more profitable tomorrow!

Grow Revenue

It’s not enough to generate more leads for your organization if there are flaws in your sales process. However, an increase in qualified leads combined with improving the skills and attitudes of your sellers can’t help but skyrocket your revenue.

Attract New Customers

When sales and marketing have excellent communication, customers wants and needs are better served. New customers interact with businesses that take the time to understand them. The alignment of sales, marketing, and technology expedite this process.

How Many New
Customers Do You Want?