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With a new social network popping up every day, social media marketing can be overwhelming. Which one is right for your brand? SIX is a social media marketing agency that knows which social network is right for which industry. It’s more important to concentrate on a few networks that make sense for your industry than have a presence on every one. A concise, focused plan will help you earn market share and increase your brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest advertising mediums that can:

 Find New Customers
Grow Your Business
 Increase Brand Awareness
 Increase Referrals
 Delight Your Fans
 Teach You About Your Fans
 Drive Inbound Success


Explore Our Social Marketing Solutions

  • Editorial Calendar

    We will create an editorial calendar to help align your goals with your social marketing, save you time & resources, create social consistency and hold your team accountable for their hard work.

  • Page Customization

    We will create custom images for each of your social pages complete with your logo. In order to achieve optimal brand awareness, consistency is key.

  • Image Refresh

    In the social marketing and SEO world, it is important to change and update your brand image. We will update your images as needed throughout the year to help reflect your promotional events, holidays and brand evolution.

  • Social Strategy

    In order to determine the proper social marketing strategy for your business, we will complete a brand discovery and present you with a document outlining your social direction. Read our recent blog titled What You Absolutely Need For Social Media Success.

  • Dedicated Account Rep

    You will be assigned a specific social marketing representative you can contact at any time with questions or concerns regarding your social media efforts.

  • Social Advertising

    Advertising works well side by side with social media management. We will create campaigns that will help you share your expertise and products to your exact target audience. Your social media will grow exponentially with the addition of advertising.

  • Content Creation

    We will draft optimized posts for your social profiles regularly. The key to great content creation is connecting amazing content with the perfect timing and the ideal frequency. Content is king and we position exactly when people are ready to listen.

  • Social w/ Inbound!

    If you are looking to measure ROI, connect with your customers and take huge chunks of market share from your competitors, then you should employ inbound marketing and social marketing at the same time.

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